Your data and security : Census Coverage Survey interviews in communal establishments

If you usually live in a small communal establishment, we may still need you to take part in the Census Coverage Survey (CCS). Examples of small communal establishments include care homes, and bed and breakfasts.

At the Office for National Statistics, we hold the CCS to help us produce the most accurate statistics possible from the census. It involves a CCS interviewer visiting selected addresses to carry out a short interview.

Safe interviews

We will be contacting the manager of your establishment to let them know we need your help and arrange the best time to visit.

The interviewer will follow the government’s safety guidelines about the coronavirus (COVID-19). They will:

  • wear a face covering
  • carry hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes to clean equipment before and after use
  • always keep a safe social distance

The interviewer will also follow any safety guidance your establishment has in place.

What the interviewer will do when they visit

When the interviewer arrives, they will ask the establishment manager a few questions first. The manager will then contact you to ask you to meet the interviewer in the establishment’s reception to complete the survey.

Handling showcards 

The interviewer could offer you showcards to help you answer some of the questions. They will sanitise the showcards between each interview. If you’d prefer not to handle them, the interviewer can hold them up or read them out to you. 

Taking part over the phone from your accommodation

If there’s not a suitable reception in your establishment, or you’d prefer to stay in your accommodation, you can take part over the phone while the interviewer is visiting.

The interviewer will ask for your phone number so they can call you. Alternatively, they can give you their number for you to call them. You can keep your number private by dialling 141 at the start of their number.