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Census 2021 results now available

The Census 2021 topic summaries are available online now

Find out more on the census page (opens in a new tab)  of the ONS website.

Census 2021 results

Learn more about our phases for releasing the results from Census 2021.

From collecting to publishing census information

Find out what happens between collecting and publishing Census 2021 information.

Your data and security

What we do with your personal information and how we keep it safe.

Census 2021 results - Why the numbers matter

The winners of the Office for National Statistics' Let's Count! education programme competition explain why the results from Census 2021 are so important.

Transcript of Census 2021 results - Why the numbers matter video.

The Census 2021 topic summaries are here!

We published the Census 2021 topic summaries on the ONS website.

These are sets of data about a particular characteristic of a person or household, for example, religion or accommodation type.

Find out more about the Census 2021 topic summaries

News and blogs

Get more information about Census 2021

Find all the latest news, blogs and press releases about Census 2021.

Read more news and blogs
Census maps census website blog

What can the Census 2021 interactive map do and how can I use it?

Find out how "Census maps" lets you explore Census 2021 data across England and Wales.

Census 2021 scrollytelling articles

What are Census 2021 interactive “scrollytelling” articles?

Find out how interactive content known as “scrollytelling” articles will bring Census 2021 data to life.

Census stories

Census information can help to make a difference

All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, use census information to help provide the services we all need.

Read more census stories
ONS logo

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) COVID-19 Response

The ONS used census data to uncover inequalities between different groups in COVID-19 mortality.

Market Research Society logo

Market Research Society

Census information is vital in making sure that market research reflects the UK population.

Get involved

  • Local authorities
    Find out how local authorities can help support the census results in your area.
  • Community partners
    Find out how you can help support the census results in your community.
  • Downloadable resources

    If you work for a local authority or community group, you can download resources to support the census results.

  • Getting support

    Contact us for help and support to access census results.

Get in touch

For further information about the census, contact us.