Local authorities : Overview

Just as census statistics may well be vital to you, your support is vital to us. By working together, we can make sure Census 2021 gets a great response and represents everyone.

We’ll be running a census rehearsal this autumn in Carlisle, Ceredigion, Hackney and Tower Hamlets to test our processes, systems and services before the real census in 2021.

If you work for a local authority covering one of these areas, we’d really appreciate your support.

You can help us by promoting the rehearsal online and using your communication channels and contacts in the local area to spread the word.

We will have materials you can use to promote the census rehearsal. ONS will be offering support for local residents who need help to fill their census questionnaire in.

We’d love to work with you to make the rehearsal a success. Please email our Local Authority Partnerships team.

If you’re from a local authority that’s not in one of the four rehearsal areas, we’d still like to speak to you and help you plan for the census in 2021.