The householder should complete for private or rented accommodation : Housesharing and Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

What is an HMO?

An HMO is:

  • a building or flat in which more than one household shares facilities
  • a building that is declared an HMO by the local authority
  • a building that has been converted and does not entirely comprise self-contained flats
  • a converted block of flats where the standard of the conversion does not meet the relevant building standards and fewer than two-thirds of the flats are owner-occupied

The census counts households. Whether people in the same property are living in separate areas or conversions, all people should be included on the same form if they share:

  • cooking facilities, and
  • a living, sitting or dining area

If someone who lives here needs to answer separately, they can.

If each household has their own facilities they should fill in separate household forms. For example in a bedsit or studio flat.