Military base commanding officers

Important information:

UK military bases

Please refer to the Defence Instruction Notice for specific guidance.

US military bases

Please refer to the Joint Instruction Notice for specific guidance.

Who to count as residents

All these are counted as residents and should complete the Individual questions:

  • UK residents who live at this address and have no usual residence elsewhere
  • UK residents who live or plan to stay at this establishment for six months or more
  • non-UK residents who live or plan to stay in the UK for three months or more and have no other permanent UK address
  • someone on deployment who usually lives at the base and has no usual residence elsewhere in the UK

The census also counts visitors to establishments but asks no questions about them.

What is a visitor?

A visitor is a person staying overnight on Sunday 21 March 2021 at an address where they do not usually live.

Count a person as a visitor if:

  • they're from outside the UK and have stayed, or intend to stay, in the UK for less than three months, or
  • they were staying overnight on 21 March 2021 at a communal establishment, but they live elsewhere in the UK

You don't need to give them a resident pack, but you should count them on the manager's form.

Important information:

The online census has now closed. If residents have an access code, they can no longer use it to access their census.

They can still fill in their census on paper.

Supporting your residents

All usual residents should complete their census form. Some may find it difficult to fill in a form independently. If so, try to get a family member or friend to help.