The census in Wales

The purpose of our guidance is to enable you to answer the census questions. It has been developed in Welsh by dedicated Welsh language writers who aim to provide clear and understandable guidance for all our users.

Language is important to us

As a result of our research into Welsh language usage, we decided that our guidance should reflect the principles of natural Welsh. To do this, we have worked closely with Canolfan Bedwyr at Bangor University to apply their Cymraeg Clir principles to our work. Cymraeg Clir encourages public bodies in Wales to write the Welsh versions of public documents in simple, natural and clear Welsh.

The organisation has years of experience using these principles to produce clear and understandable content.

"A common complaint in Wales is that the Welsh versions of these documents are ‘too difficult to read and use’, and Welsh speakers often turn to the English versions in despair."

- From Cymraeg Clir @ Canolfan Bedwyr

In our Public Support role for the census in England and Wales, we feel strongly that public bodies have a responsibility to support Welsh speakers. We don’t want the census to drive Welsh speakers away from their preferred language, so we have worked closely with Canolfan Bedwyr to develop simple and clear guidance in order to help you read and understand it.

Our Welsh Language team has been expertly trained by Cymraeg Clir advisers and have achieved the Cymraeg Clir Seal for their work.

By following Cymraeg Clir principles, we hope we have made sure that anyone who wants to complete the census in Welsh is able to do so. If you have comments or suggestions about how we could improve further, we’d love to hear from you.