13. One year ago, what was your usual address?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by allowing us to measure the movement of people into and around the UK. This helps local authorities plan the right services, resources and amenities for the people moving in and out of their areas. This includes the right type of housing, education resources, healthcare and transport links.

If you've moved from outside the UK, your answer also helps us measure international immigration in the year leading up to the census. Authorities use this information to meet the needs of migrants living in local communities.

The census first asked this question in 1961.

Your usual address was the address where you were living at the time. For most people, this address will be the permanent or family home that they were living in a year ago, on Sunday 22 March 2020.

If you selected "Student term-time or boarding school address in the UK" or "Another address in the UK", please enter that address.

What is the United Kingdom (UK)?

The full title of this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the UK.

Unexpectedly and temporarily staying at another address one year ago

Please enter the address where you were usually living, rather than the unexpected temporary address.

For example, if you were sent home from university during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, please enter the address you were living at while at the university.

Lived at more than one address a year ago

Enter the address where you spent most of your time.

Living outside of the UK

If you were living in another country, select "Outside the UK", and enter the country name.

Can't remember the address

If you can't remember the UK address, please enter as much as you can remember, for example the street name, town, or postcode.

Armed forces

If you were stationed in the UK, or deployed outside the UK, enter the address of your UK home one year ago. If you did not have a permanent or family home in the UK, only enter the postcode, not the full address, of your port or military base.

If you were stationed outside the UK, enter the country you were stationed in.

No usual address one year ago

If you did not have a usual address one year ago, and you were temporarily staying at someone else's address, please enter those details. Otherwise, please enter the name of the town where you were staying. If you're not sure, answer as best you can.


If you're answering on behalf of a child who is under a year old, you can leave this question blank.

If you're not Person 1

Select "Same as Person 1" if you were staying at the same address as them one year ago. You don't need to fill in this address section again.