H5. Counting only the people included in question H4, how many visitors are staying overnight here on 21 March 2021?

Why we ask this question

Your answers help us make sure we haven't missed anyone. By recording your visitors, you're helping us to correctly count the number of people living in the country and in each area.

If your visitors live elsewhere in the UK, it's important that they fill in a form for their usual address too. If they don't fill in a form, they won't be counted as part of the community where they usually live. This may affect the amount of money their local authority receives from the government for services and resources.

Visitors from Scotland will be able to fill in their census forms during Scotland's Census in 2022.

The census first asked these questions in 1801.

This question is asking about visitors only. Please don't include anyone who usually lives here.

Count everyone you included in your previous answer (H4). Remember to only include each visitor once.

Please answer the visitor questions on page 32 for each visitor who's staying overnight at this address on Sunday 21 March 2021.

If no one is visiting, enter "0".

Your answers are confidential

We use the information we collect in the census solely to produce statistics and for statistical research. No one will use your personal information to sell you anything or find you, and government staff that directly serve the public cannot see it.