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Household questions

Household questions

  1. H1.H1Who usually lives here?
  2. H2.H2Counting everyone you included in question H1, how many people usually live here?
  3. H3.H3Starting with yourself, list the names of all the people counted in question H2 including children, babies and lodgers.
  4. H4.H4Apart from everyone counted in question H2, who else is staying overnight here on 21 March 2021?
  5. H5.H5Counting only the people included in question H4, how many visitors are staying overnight here on 21 March 2021?
  6. H6.H6How are members of this household related to each other?
  7. H7.H7What type of accommodation is this?
  8. H8.H8Are all the rooms in this accommodation, including the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, behind a door that only this household can use?
  9. H9.H9How many bedrooms are available for use only by this household?
  10. H10.H10What type of central heating does this accommodation have?
  11. H12.H12Does your household own or rent this accommodation?
  12. H13.H13Who is your landlord?
  13. H14.H14In total, how many cars or vans are owned, or available for use, by members of this household?

Individual questions

Individual questions 1 - 10

  1. 1.1What is your name?
  2. 2.2What is your date of birth?
  3. 3.3What is your sex?
  4. 4.4On 21 March 2021, what is your legal marital or registered civil partnership status?
  5. 6.6Do you stay at another address for more than 30 days a year?
  6. 8.8Are you a schoolchild or student in full-time education?
  7. 9.9During term time, where do you usually live?
  8. 10.10What is your country of birth?

Individual questions 11 - 20

  1. 11.11If you were not born in the United Kingdom, when did you most recently arrive to live here?
  2. 12.12Including the time you have already spent here, how long do you intend to stay in the United Kingdom?
  3. 13.13One year ago, what was your usual address?
  4. 14.14How would you describe your national identity?
  5. 15.15What is your ethnic group?
  6. 16.16What is your religion?
  7. 17.17Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?
  8. 18.18What is your main language? (If you live in England)
  9. 18.18What is your main language? (If you live in Wales)
  10. 19.19How well can you speak English?
  11. 20.20What passports do you hold?

Individual questions 21 - 30

  1. 21.21How is your health in general?
  2. 22.22Do you have any physical or mental health conditions or illnesses lasting or expected to last 12 months or more?
  3. 23.23Do any of your conditions or illnesses reduce your ability to carry out day-to-day activities?
  4. 24.24Do you look after, or give any help or support to, anyone because they have long-term physical or mental health conditions or illnesses, or problems related to old age?
  5. 26.26Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?
  6. 27.27Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?
  7. 29.29Have you completed an apprenticeship?
  8. 30.30Have you achieved a qualification at degree level or above?

Individual questions 31 - 40

  1. 31.31Have you achieved any other qualifications?
  2. 32.32Have you previously served in the UK Armed Forces?
  3. 33.33In the last seven days, were you doing any of the following?
  4. 34.34Which of the following describes what you were doing in the last seven days?
  5. 35.35In the last four weeks, were you actively looking for any kind of paid work?
  6. 36.36If a job became available now, could you start it within two weeks?
  7. 37.37In the last seven days, were you waiting to start a job already accepted?
  8. 38.38Have you ever done any paid work?
  9. 40.40In your main job, what is (was) your employment status?

Individual questions 41 - 50

  1. 41.41What is (was) the name of the organisation or business you work (worked) for?
  2. 42.42What is (was) your full job title?
  3. 43.43Briefly describe what you do (did) in your main job.
  4. 44.44What is (was) the main activity of your organisation, business or freelance work?
  5. 45.45Do (did) you supervise or oversee the work of other employees on a day-to-day basis?
  6. 47.47In your main job, how many hours a week do you usually work?
  7. 48.48How do you usually travel to work?
  8. 49.49Where do you mainly work?
  9. 50.50What is the address of your workplace or depot?

Visitor questions V1 - V4

  1. V1.V1What is this person's name?
  2. V2.V2What is this person's date of birth?
  3. V3.V3What is this person's sex?
  4. V4.V4What is this person's usual UK address?