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Data Cymru

Understanding local communities in Wales

Data Cymru (opens in a new tab)  supports the local government in Wales, allowing it to access, analyse and gain insight from data.

The census is often the only source of information at a local, community level. It helps local government understand how Wales and its communities are changing over time. This is important for planning services, both now and in the future. Census information also helps inform decisions on funding given to local authorities, health services, police and other public services.

For example, Data Cymru supports local government to access census information to find out about the pressures on things like schools, roads and transport. This helps with decisions on where changes need to be made. It also uses census information to compare different population groups living in Wales and to understand more about them and their needs.

Richard Palmer, Chief Officer at Data Cymru said: "Census information is often the most robust, important information we have at the local, community level. It’s vital in helping us understand how Wales, and its communities, are changing over time."