Census stories

The information we gather from the census helps a range of organisations plan for the future. For example, local government use the information to help plan services, such as schools, hospitals and rubbish collection, in your area. Businesses use it to decide where to set up, which creates job opportunities. Charities also use census information to help get the funding they need.

Read some of our census stories below to find out how different organisations use census information to plan services.

Healthier communities

Census information helps the Mental Health Foundation support those at risk of mental ill health.

    Fire-fighting with facts

    The London Fire Brigade uses census information to identify and prevent fires in high risk areas.

      Decisions on funding

      Data Cymru uses census information to help local government understand its communities.

        Helping those in need

        The Salvation Army uses census information to reach out and support people in need.

          Well-being in Snowdonia

          Census information helps the Snowdonia National Park Authority learn about the local population.

            Supporting Jewish communities

            The JPR uses information in the census to build up a picture of the country's Jewish community.

              Reducing inequalities

              University experts rely on census information to improve the health of the population.

                Renewable energy

                Census information is helping Renewable UK boost green energy and tackle climate change.

                  Recognising traditions

                  The Hindu Council UK talks about how census information has helped the community.

                    Vietnamese community

                    Vietnamese Mental Health Services use census information to support community mental health.

                      Welsh apprenticeship

                      Census information helps organisation to create apprentice scheme for young Welsh speakers.