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Phase two - Combinations of Census 2021 data : Create a custom dataset

At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we create products that make it easier for you to get data on the topics you’re most interested in. One of these products is "Create a custom dataset", which collects the data that matters to you in one place.

This animation explains how you can use "Create a custom dataset".

Transcript of the Create a custom dataset animated video

Watch an archived version of the "Get Census 2021 data | Create a custom dataset" video (opens in a new tab) 

How do you use "Create a custom dataset"?

Simply select a population to get started. These include usual residents, households and communal establishments.

From there, you can change the geography of your dataset and filter the data by sex and age. You can also add as many variables as you want, including:

  • demography and migration
  • UK armed forces veterans
  • ethnic group, national identity, language and religion
  • Welsh language skills
  • labour market and travel to work
  • housing
  • education
  • health, disability and unpaid care

You can either select variables from a list or type them in.

For most variables, you can be as broad or as narrow as you like when searching for areas. This could be from countries and regions, right down to output area, which is the lowest level of geography for census statistics.

You can filter the data further by selecting categories from a list that relates to a variable. For example, you can filter the number of age groups to show data for the "18 to 24 years" and the "85 years and over" categories only.

Once you've built a dataset that you're happy with, you can download the data in your chosen format.

Important information:

Making it easier to get the data you need

To make it easier for you to get the data you need, we will be creating a selection of different products and tools.

This means, as the outputs from Census 2021 continue, we will release more datasets, analysis articles and creative ways of displaying the data.

Keeping data safe

The data in "Create a custom dataset" are secure and you cannot personally identify someone from the datasets you create. To make sure the data are secure, the datasets may not contain as much detail as you might need.

To give people access to more detailed data, while protecting confidentiality, we also plan to release pre-built datasets.

Important information:

Find out how "Create a custom dataset" is just one of the ways you can get the data you want. Read more in "New ways to access Census 2021 data" (opens in a new tab)  on the National Statistical blog.