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Census 2021 results

Census 2021 results are the data and supporting commentary on the population and households in England and Wales from Census 2021.

At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we released the first results from Census 2021 on Tuesday 28 June 2022. We aim to release all the main results within two years of the census.

We will publish the results in phases on the ONS website, and what we produce will grow richer with each phase.

In each phase, we will publish commentary or analysis alongside the data to support and explain them.

You can find more information about these phases on the Census 2021 release plans (opens in a new tab)  page of the ONS website.

Phase one - Census 2021 first results

Find out more about the first results and population estimates from Census 2021.

    Phase one - Census 2021 topic summaries

    Find out more about the topic summaries that we published from autumn 2022 to winter 2023.

      Census 2021 analysis programme

      Find out more about what we plan to publish as part of the Census 2021 analysis programme.

        Phase two - Combinations of Census 2021 data

        Find out more about phase two of the Census 2021 results, where you can combine multiple variables from the data we publish.

          Phase three - Alternative Census 2021 population data

          Find out more about data that shows the different places where individuals were counted, smaller groups of the population, the movement of people and microdata.

            Census 2021 interactive content

            Find out more about the new and exciting ways you can interact with census data.