About the census : What the Census Coverage Survey is

The Census Coverage Survey (CCS) is a second, separate survey that we at the Office for National Statistics run six weeks after the census.

Why we run the Census Coverage Survey

We try our hardest to make sure we count everyone in a census. However, no census is perfect. It can miss people or count some more than once.

To make sure the number of people it misses or counts more than once is as small as possible, we run the CCS.

What questions the Census Coverage Survey asks

The CCS asks similar questions to those on the census questionnaire, just fewer of them. If we choose your postcode, one of our interviewers will come to your door to ask you them.

What we use Census Coverage Survey information for

We compare CCS records with those from the census. The compared results give the most accurate population estimates for better planning and funding of services such as transport, education and healthcare.