Census is closing online

You only have until 17 May to complete using your 16-character access code

You can still complete a paper form after this date

Start census

Don’t have a code?

Find out where to find your access code, or request a new access code to start a new census.

If you live in Northern Ireland, visit the Northern Ireland census website to take part


You must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000

Some questions are labelled as voluntary. It is not an offence if you do not answer these.

The Census Coverage Survey

The Census Coverage Survey is a second, separate survey that is run after the census.

Why you should take part

Everyone must complete the census and provide accurate information. It helps decide how services are funded in your area.

Your data and security

What we do with your personal information, how we keep it safe, and how we will contact or visit you.

Students need to complete the census for their term-time accommodation

Wherever you’re currently staying, from halls to your old bedroom at home, you need to fill in a census for your term-time accommodation.

It should only take around 10 minutes per person. The information you give in the census makes sure your student community gets the services it needs. This includes things like university campus bus links and bike lanes, jobs and training.

More about what students need to do

Help with the census

If you don’t have an access code

You can request a new access code to start a new census if you have lost or not received an access code.

Need to answer separately from your household?

If you need to answer separately from the people you live with, you can request an individual access code to start a separate census.


Someone in your household must still complete a census using a household access code

If you want to fill out a paper census

You can request a paper census questionnaire to be sent in the post.

Continuation questionnaire

If you already have a household paper questionnaire and there are more than 5 people in your household, you will need to request a continuation questionnaire.

Support and guidance

More support and guidance

Get in touch

If you need further help with your census, contact us.