Community groups and charities : Spread the word about the census

There are lots of ways you can promote the census if you’re involved in your community, a charity or voluntary sector organisation.

You could:

  • talk about the census with your friends, family and colleagues
  • tell people in your community and workplace about the census, its benefits and importance to them
  • raise awareness of the census in community organisations, at charity events, during your everyday activities and anywhere people go for advice and support
  • promote the census in things like newsletters, meetings and social media groups
  • arrange for information to be added to your community or charity’s website
  • offer the use of community or charity spaces for census events
  • run a presentation for members of your community or the people your charity represents

If you need help to promote the census, visit our downloadable resources page. Here, we’re providing resources that you can use with the people you help or represent. There’s a range of materials from leaflets and posters to content for newsletters and social media posts.

Keep checking the page regularly for updates.