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Transcript of Census 2021 topic summaries introduction video

Title card:
What does the census tell us, and how can we view the results?

Jennet Woolford, Director:
The census gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. Once we’ve analysed the Census data you provide us, we publish the results so you can find out more about people just like you, and the communities you live in.

In June 2022, we published the first results from Census 2021. These results provided an estimate of the number of people and households in England and Wales, by sex and age.

Keesia Samuels, Data Engineer:
Now we’re publishing more detailed sets of results, most of which are for a particular characteristic of a person or a household. For example, their religion or type of home.

[List of topic summaries on screen]
Demography and migration
UK armed forces veterans
Ethnic group, national identity, language and religion
Welsh language
Labour market and travel to work
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Health, disability and unpaid care

Keesia Samuels, Data Engineer:
We call these results topic summaries. The Census 2021 topic summaries will include a huge range of fascinating information about your local community.

For Census 2021, we’ve created new and exciting ways for you to interact with the data from each topic summary.

Title card:
Interactive map

Jon Wroth-Smith, Deputy Director:
So my favourite tool, which I’ve already worked with a whole lot in my job, is the census mapping function. And actually, what that gives you is a really exciting way to explore the data for your area.

[Animation of “Census maps” on screen]

Jon Wroth-Smith, Deputy Director:
So, previously we produced charts and data and numbers, and things, but this mapping function really gives the ability to drill down into your local authority area, and to really consider the factors that are interest to you, so you can pick and choose those dimensions of the data that are really interesting.

And really, the idea of producing data and maps in colour, really brings the richness of the data to life.

DJ Oguntimehin, Data Acquisitions Manager:
Do you know your local area? Put your knowledge to the test with our Census 2021 quiz and find out how your area compares with the rest of England and Wales.

[Animation of “Census quiz” on screen]

Jennet Woolford, Director:
Since 2011, we’ve all seen changes that have had an impact on how we work and live. Through the Census 2021 results, you can find out more with our new change over time reports.

Title card:
Change over time reports

[Animation of “Change over time reports” on screen]

Jennet Woolford, Director:
Simply select your local authority within England and Wales and we’ll automatically show you the most interesting changes in the last 10 years.

The change over time reports will be updated once we’ve published all of the topic summaries. And don’t forget to re-visit the interactive map and quiz, as we’ll be adding more data as and when the different topic summaries become available.

Title card:
What happens after the topic summaries are published?

Keesia Samuels, Data Engineer:
After topic summaries, there’s even more Census 2021 results to come. We’ll be publishing combinations of data and more detailed analysis.

You can find out more information on these and other tools on the census website.

Keesia Samuels, Data Engineer with end card:
Census 2021.
Learning about your community has never been easier.