Who to include

There are two types of people to put on your household form:

  • Usual residents – answer individual questions about these people
  • Visitors – answer the four visitor questions about these people

Who to count as usual residents

Anyone who usually lives here

What do we mean by “usually”? You usually live here if this is your permanent or family home. For most people this will be the address where you spend most of your time.

People temporarily away from home

These are people such as:

  • Students or schoolchildren living away or boarding
  • People in a care home or hospital (if their stay will be less than six months)
  • People in prison (if their sentence is less than twelve months)
  • People who have two addresses, but this is their usual home

More about people temporarily away from home.

Also include these people, even though they don’t actually live here

Please include anyone staying overnight on 21 March 2021 who doesn’t usually live at this address but:

  • lives outside the UK but is staying in the UK for three months or more, or
  • lives in the UK but has no other usual address

You should include these people as usual residents. Please make sure individual questions are completed for them.

Do I include visitors?

Yes, include these people as visitors if they were staying with you overnight on 21 March 2021:

  • People who usually live somewhere else in the UK (for example boyfriends / girlfriends, friends or relatives)
  • People staying here because it is their second address (for example for work) - their permanent or family home is elsewhere
  • People who usually live outside the UK who are staying in the UK for less than three months
  • People here on holiday

Please do not answer individual questions about these visitors.

You need to answer four quick questions on name, date of birth, sex and usual residence.

If you’re not sure who’s staying at your property, please give us the best information you can.