About the census : NI Census 2021 Outputs: Technical Consultation

Census Office wants to build on the successful data collection phase of the 2021 Census held earlier this year, by seeking input from the users of census data. The technical consultation will allow Census Office to gather the views of users on the proposed strategy for disseminating 2021 Census results.

The technical consultation document outlines the proposed design for 2021 Census statistical outputs. Specifically, the order in which census statistics are to be released, and the way the statistics will be made available to users. This consultation follows on from the initial outputs consultation in 2018, which helped to set out the main parts of these plans.

The consultation will remain open for 8 weeks, from 1 October 2021 to 26 November 2021.

Your response to this consultation is important and feedback will help us finalise the development of the 2021 Census Outputs Plan.

What we’re asking you to do

If you intend to use Census 2021 data and analysis, we’re inviting you to provide feedback on the proposals we’ve outlined in the consultation document.

We want to know if these proposals meet your needs. Your feedback will help us decide on the final design of the Census 2021 Outputs for Northern Ireland.

We’ve structured our proposals into sections to help you find the topics you want to provide feedback on. These include:

  • Methods of Dissemination
  • Release Schedule
  • Standard Variables
  • Proposed New Derived Variables
  • Population-base Specifications
  • Taking a Census During a Period of Change
  • Paradata (information about how we collected and processed census data)
  • Statistical Output Geography

How to take part

NISRA’s preferred method for you to respond to this consultation is online. If you wish to respond on paper or by email, please download and complete the 2021 Census Outputs Strategy Consultation Questionnaire from the NISRA website.

If you wish to respond to this consultation using a paper questionnaire, responses can be scanned and returned via email or posted to the address below:




Census Office

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

Colby House

Stranmillis Court



Important information:

Responses to this consultation are invited until midnight on 26 November 2021.