I live in a refuge

A refuge is a place where vulnerable people are protected from danger or hardship. The address of a refuge is sensitive information.

Important information:

The census doesn't identify refuges, and we do not ask you to identify this address as a refuge when you fill in the form.

Why are you contacting this address?

We're contacting every household address in England and Wales. Refuges are treated in the same way as any other household. We don't identify specific addresses as refuges or hold details about their residents.

Should a refuge fill in the census form?

Yes, every household should be counted in the census, and everyone staying here should be included.

You, or someone from the refuge, should fill in a household form. It's up to members of the refuge whether they:

  • fill in one household form including Individual questions about household members, or
  • fill in a household form plus individual forms to allow household members to keep their information private from other members

If we don't receive a completed form from this household, a census officer may call at your door to see if they can help. To make sure this doesn't happen, you or someone from the refuge should return the completed form as soon as possible.

The information you give on your form will be treated confidentially. We do not publish any information that would allow you to be identified.

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