I live or stay in a children’s home or boarding school

This is advice for children and residents who stay for four or more nights per week in:

  • children's homes
  • boarding schools during term time

Do I have to fill in a census form here?

You should fill in a form here if you're a:

  • UK resident who lives or plans to stay in the establishment for six months or more
  • UK resident and you don't have another home
  • non-UK resident who lives or plans to stay in the UK for three months or more
  • caretaker, maintenance worker or other staff, or a member of their family, who usually lives here and you have no other address

If none of these apply, you should be included on the form at your home address if you have one.

I don't live here all the time - do I still need to fill in the form?

Four nights or more per week at this address

Yes, you should fill in the census if you stay here for four nights or more per week during term time.

Someone should also answer a few questions about you at your other address. You should be included on both forms so we can count the population accurately in all the places you live.

Three nights or fewer per week at this address

No, you don't need to fill in a form here if you stay at this address for three nights or fewer during term time. You only need to be included on the form at your other address.

International students

You should be included if you're:

  • staying here now and have stayed, or intend to stay, in the UK for at least three months
  • not currently in the UK but attended in person during the Autumn 2020 term, and/or Winter 2021 term, and still have a formal agreement to be able to stay at your term-time accommodation

What do I have to do?

You should:

  1. Fill in the paper form if you have one.
  2. Don't worry if you can't remember all the details about yourself - just do the best you can.
  3. Put the completed paper form in the envelope and seal it.
  4. Put it in the post, or you can give it to the manager or a trusted friend to post for you.

In Wales, you will have the option to complete the census in either English or Welsh.

I need help to fill in the form

If you have difficulty filling in the form, try to get a family member or friend to help you. Staff at your establishment may also be able to help you.