I live on a military base

This is advice for residents living on a UK military base. All residents must fill in a form.

If you live on a US military base, your Commanding Officer (CO) will give you advice.

Do I have to fill in a census form here?

You should fill in a form here if you don’t have another permanent or family home address elsewhere in the UK and you’re:

  • a UK resident
  • a non-UK resident who lives or plans to stay in the UK for three months or more
  • on deployment and you usually live at the base

I have a permanent home elsewhere

If you have a permanent or family home apart from your work address, you should be counted there. This means that your household should include you on their form.

If there's no one at home, you can either:

  • complete the census when you get home
  • order a new access code for your home address and fill in the form online

If you've been given a form to fill in at the base, do not fill it in. Return it to the CO and explain that you will be counted elsewhere.

What will I receive?

If you live in Single Living Accommodation (SLA), your CO will give you a letter containing an access code to open your online census form.

If you live in Service Family Accommodation (SFA), you will get your letter through the post. The letter will contain a code to open an online form for your household.

In Wales, you will have the option to complete the census in either English or Welsh.

Important information:

What do I have to do?

  1. Use the access code from the letter to open your online form.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Press the "Submit census" button to send us your completed form.

I need help to fill in the form

If you have difficulty filling in the form, try to get a family member or friend to help you. Staff at your establishment may also be able to help you.

You or the Employment Unit can:

If you have any queries about which questions to answer, or any other queries about the census, contact your Employment Unit.

See also advice about armed forces personnel on deployment.