H10. What type of central heating does this accommodation have?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by allowing your local authority to understand levels of fuel poverty in your area. They can use this information to improve the quality of housing in the community and help regenerate neighbourhoods.

The information you give will also help to understand the role of housing in tackling climate change.

The census first asked this question in 1991.

Central heating is a system for warming a building by heating water or air in one place, then piping it to, for example, radiators or vents.

This question is only asking about systems that generate heat for more than one room.

Include systems that you don't use or aren't working. You may choose more than one answer.

If you're not sure, answer as best you can.

Renewable energy

Only choose "Renewable energy" if your rooms are directly heated by the energy generated. Don't select this option if the energy only heats water for your taps or shower.

Don't include fires and heaters that heat one room

Examples include:

  • gas fire
  • open fire
  • wood stove
  • fuel burners
  • plug-in heaters

Even though you may feel the benefit of the heat in another room, it's not a system designed to heat multiple rooms.