H7. What type of accommodation is this?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by allowing your local authority, planners and housing providers to understand the types of accommodation available in your area. They can use this information to work our what type of housing people will need in the future.

The census first asked this question in 1981.

Choose your type of accommodation. If it's not exactly one of these, select the closest option.

Your accommodation is the area of a building that your household lives in. It may not be the whole building.

More information about types of accommodation

Whole house or bungalow

This is a property that hasn't been divided into separate flats or other units of accommodation.

There are three types of whole house or bungalow:


None of the living accommodation is attached to another property. It also includes houses or bungalows that are only joined by a garage.


A house or bungalow that's only joined to another house or bungalow on one side.


A house in a row of at least three properties that share common walls. This includes end-of-terrace houses.

Flat, maisonette or apartment

There are four types of flat, maisonette or apartment:

In a purpose-built block of flats or tenement

Your accommodation is part of a building that's been designed for use as a block of flats. It doesn't include houses converted into flats.

Part of a converted or shared house, including bedsits

This is a house that's been altered or divided to provide separate accommodation for a number of households. Examples include flats and bedsits.

Part of another converted building

This includes buildings that were originally designed for another purpose but have since been converted into flats or apartments. Examples include a former school, church or warehouse.

In a commercial building

This is living accommodation that's part of a building that isn't only residential – it has another purpose.

Examples include an office building, hotel, and flats above a commercial premises or flats that have a separate entrance to the commercial parts of the building.

Mobile or temporary structure

Examples include:

  • camper vans
  • caravans
  • canal barges
  • converted railway carriages
  • garden building or shed
  • houseboats
  • mobile homes
  • static caravans
  • tents
  • trailers