1. What is your name?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps you to include all the people in your household. It also makes it easier to identify who each set of questions is about.

The information also helps us make sure that the census only counts everyone once.

The census first asked this question in 1841.

Use the name shown on official documents

Examples include documents such as a passport or driving licence.

Middle names

You can include middle names if you know what they are, or you can use initials if you prefer.

Maiden or previous names

You only need to give current first and last names. You don't need to give any previous names such as a maiden name.

Last name is your family name

Please put your family name in the "Last name" box, even if you normally place your family name first.

If unsure, think about how your name appears on other official UK documents.

Babies that haven't been named yet

Please put "Baby" for their first name, then give their last name (surname or family name).