10. What is your country of birth?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps local and central government understand more about the needs of the people living in your area. This information will help your local authority plan services, make policies and set aside resources for your community. It will allow them to make predictions about the future needs of people living in your area.

We also use this information with your answers about your ethnic group and religion to tell us more about the cultural backgrounds of the people in your area.

A question about where people were born has been asked since 1841.

This question is about location, not nationality

Your country of birth may not be related to your nationality. For example, someone born in Germany where their family were serving in the armed forces would answer "Germany" for this question, but might answer "British" for the question about national identity.

Country not listed

Select "Elsewhere" and fill in the name of the country where you were born.

Country name changed

Select "Elsewhere", then give the current name of the country. If you don't know it, give the old name.

Unsure of your country of birth

If you know the name of the area, for example Borneo or the Sahel, choose "Elsewhere" and enter it here.

If you're unsure, enter the name of the continent, for example Asia or Africa, or answer as best as you can.

Important information:

If there isn't enough space, enter as much as the space allows

It may be possible to shorten the name of the country. For example if you were born in the United States of America, you can enter "USA" or "America".