50. What is the address of your workplace or depot?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by allowing local and central government to understand how and where people commute.

Information about your workplace and how you commute helps to plan local public transport policies and plan services in your area.

The census first asked this question in 1901.

Answer this question based on your main job.

Give the address of where you report to each day.

Don't give the address of the head office or a branch of the organisation unless that's where you work.

Working at more than one place or site

If you work at more than one place or site, give the address of the place you work most of the time.

If you spend an equal amount of time at more than one site, give the address of the place you worked most recently.

Working outside of the UK

If you work abroad, just give the country where you work, not the full address.

Armed forces personnel

If you're stationed at a base in the UK, only give the full postcode. Please don't give the whole address.

If you're serving on a ship, please give the postcode of your home port or naval base address if it's in the UK. If it's abroad, just give the country.

If you can't remember the address

If you can't remember the full address, give as much of it as you can. For example, the street name and town, or the town and county.

What we mean by main job

Your circumstances may have changed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Answer about your current main job if you have one.

If you don't have a job at the moment, answer about the most recent job you had.

If you're away from work on furlough, in quarantine or self-isolating, consider the hours you were working before being away from work.

More than one job

If you have more than one job at the same time:

  • answer about the job in which you usually work the most hours
  • if your hours are equal, use the job that pays the most
  • if your hours and pay are equal, use the one you did most recently

Changing jobs

If you're in the middle of changing jobs, answer about the main one you were doing on Sunday 21 March 2021. Only answer about your new position if you've already left your previous job.

Important information:

Not enough space

If you run out of space, enter as much as the space allows. Only enter one character per box.

Important information:

Answering for someone else

If you're answering on behalf of someone else, where possible you should ask them how they would answer. If they're away, answer as best you can.