H3. Starting with yourself, list the names of all the people counted in question H2 including children, babies and lodgers.

Why we ask this question

The information you give helps us work out the total number of people in your area and where they're living. This will help local and central government provide the right services for your community.

We ask people to tell us about empty houses and holiday homes so we can work out how many people are living in housing. This information will help your local authority understand how much housing they have and how much your community may need in the future.

The census first asked these questions in 1931.

Give the first and last names of everyone you counted in your answer to the previous question (H2).

There's enough space on this form for up to five people living at this address.

How to decide which name to use

Use the name shown on official documents

Examples include documents such as a passport or driving licence.

Middle names

Please do not provide middle names here. You can include middle names in a later question.

Maiden or previous names

You only need to give current first and last names. You don't need to give any previous names such as a maiden name.

Last name is your family name

Please put your family name in the "Last name" box, even if you normally place your family name first.

If you're not sure, think about how your name appears on other official UK documents.

Babies that haven’t been named yet

Please put "Baby" for their first name, then give their last name (surname or family name).

Important information:

Not enough space

If you run out of space, enter as much as you can. Only enter one character per box.