H14. In total, how many cars or vans are owned, or available for use, by members of this household?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by allowing local and central government to make decisions about transport planning. They use this information to predict traffic volumes and plan where new roads or other transport options may be needed.

This information helps to provide accessible services and transport, particularly in rural areas.

Authorities can match information about people without access to a car with information about disabilities. This shows which areas may need more funding for public transport.

The census first asked this question in 1971.

Include those that are owned or available to members of your household only.

If you have no cars or vans, enter "0".

What is a household?

A household is either:

  • one person living alone, or
  • a group of people (who don't have to be related) living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room or sitting room or dining area


  • Pick-ups, camper vans and motor homes
  • Vehicles that are temporarily not working
  • Vehicles that have failed their MOT
  • Vehicles owned or used by a lodger

Don't include

  • Motorbikes, trikes, quad bikes or mobility scooters
  • Vehicles that have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)
  • Vehicles owned or used by a visitor
  • Vehicles that are kept at another address or not easily accessed

Work vehicles

Only include these in your total if you can drive them for private use (social, domestic or pleasure).