37. In the last seven days, were you waiting to start a job already accepted?

Why we ask this question

Your answers help your local community by allowing charities, organisations and local authorities to identify where action is needed to help tackle low employment rates in your area.

Your answer also helps local authorities to make plans that support large amounts of public spending, for example, job creation, educational opportunities and health services.

The census first asked questions on employment in 1851.

This question is asking about your working status during the week of Monday 15 March to Sunday 21 March 2021.

Select "Yes" if you were waiting to start a job that you'd been offered and:

  • had already accepted, or
  • intended to accept

Include casual or temporary work, and jobs that pay a living allowance rather than a salary, such as clergy or elected officials.

Select "No" if the job is voluntary or unpaid, unless it's for your own or your family's business.

Why it's important for those who are retired, long-term sick or disabled to answer this question

We ask this question to everyone who's not currently working. It helps us get a true picture of the working population.

The number of people who continue to work after retirement is increasing.

Some people who are not currently working due to long-term illness or disability may hope to return to work in the future.

Important information:

Answering for someone else

If you're answering on behalf of someone else, where possible you should ask them how they would answer. If they're away, answer as best you can.