17. Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?

Why we ask this question

Your answer helps public bodies in Wales to understand people's ability in Welsh and where they live.

Local authorities and other organisations also use the information to develop services and policies and to allocate grants.

The Welsh Government uses the information to support and monitor its aim of reaching one million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050.

The census first asked this question in 1891.

If you live in Wales

It's up to you to decide whether you're able to speak Welsh, read Welsh, write Welsh and/or understand spoken Welsh.

Select all the options you believe to be right for you.

If you can't do any of these things, select "None of the above".

Children and babies

For those aged three years and above, only choose the options that show what they're able to do now, considering their age.

For example, when answering for a four-year-old who can write some Welsh words, you might select "Write Welsh".

If a child is aged two years or under, you don't need to answer this question for them.

If you live in England

This question is not asked in England. If Welsh is your main language, you can record this in the question about your main language.

We try to keep the England and Wales questionnaires the same where possible. However, this question is about the Welsh language and is only included on the questionnaire in Wales.