Mistakes and making changes

I’ve completed my census, but something’s changed. Can I change my answers?

No, but please don’t worry. You don’t need to tell us about any changes. Once you’ve submitted or posted your form back to us, it can’t be changed.

My address is wrong on the paper form

Please write your correct address in the space provided on the form. Then return the whole form to us in the prepaid envelope provided.

I've made a mistake on my form. What do I do?

Don’t worry if you’ve spelt something wrong. You can correct mistakes on your paper form. Block out the box with the mistake and carry on writing in the next box.

If you’ve already posted the form back to us, we cannot return it to you.

For bigger mistakes, you could ask for a replacement form if you prefer, but you’d need to start again from the beginning.

I’ve missed someone from my paper form. What do I do?

If you’ve missed someone from your form and already sent it back, you can ask for a continuation form for you or them to complete. Please return this in the separate envelope provided.