Getting started : Why have I received a reminder letter?

In this census rehearsal we’re testing all our processes, including sending out reminder letters.

Some people who’ve received reminders may have already submitted their form. We apologise for contacting you. This can happen because of the time lag between printing letters and you receiving one through the post.

We send reminders because they help us get a better response. So please bear with us while we practice our processes and find the right balance with the letters we send to you.

This week we have sent letters to households where an online census was started but not submitted. If you’re concerned about this, let us reassure you that we can’t see your information and don’t know how much of the form you had filled in.

We hope these letters will gently remind people to complete the online forms they started. The more people who respond, the more accurate information we'll have to help us plan for the census.