Helping someone who has asked for help

You're allowed to complete the census for someone who has asked for help. The person you're helping will have a letter or a paper form. Both of these contain an access code, so you can complete online even if they have a paper form.

What to do

If possible, read the questions aloud to them and complete the form with the answers they give you. Allow plenty of time.

We recommend that you read back the answers to them, so they can check the answers you recorded are right.

Filling in a household form

If you've been asked to help with the whole of the household form, you need to list everyone who usually lives in this household, and answer questions about all of them. See more advice about who to include.

You should read the whole form back to the person you're helping, including the answers for other members of the household.

You can download or order information in accessible formats for the person you're helping. These include Braille, British Sign Language (BSL) and easy read.

If you're helping someone fill in a paper form, you could also download a translation guidance booklet for them in one of 49 languages.

I work in the establishment where this person lives

If a person in your establishment has asked for help, you could:

  • help them to complete their census, if you have the time
  • contact a friend or relative to help
  • help them to call us and we can make an appointment to help them over the phone

See more advice for people managing establishments with residents.

How to finish and submit a paper form

If possible, get the person you're helping to sign or make their mark in the declaration box on the front of the form. If that's not possible, you may sign on their behalf.

If the person can't get to a postbox, you can post their completed form for them.