Getting started : Overview

We're running a rehearsal to prepare for Census 2021. If you're selected to take part we'll send you a letter or a paper form.

Start your online census

Whether we sent you a letter or a paper form, it has a code on it. This is your unique access code. Use it to open an online form just for your household.

Keep your unique access code safe to protect your personal information.

You don’t have to do it all at once. You can save your progress at any time by clicking “save and complete later”.

Use any device. You can start it on one device and complete it on another as long as you use the same code.

When you’ve completed the questionnaire, please check your answers before you submit it. You won’t be able to view your information after pressing submit.

Start census
Can I fill this in on a public computer?

Yes, you can. Please protect your unique access code and your personal information from people you don’t know. Treat your unique access code the same way you would a password. Only share it with people you trust.

Remember to save and log off before you leave.

No one from the census will ever ask you for your unique access code.

Your information is stored with us. The details you put in your online form are secure. No one can see your form without your unique access code.

I received more than one code, which do I use?

You can use any code you receive. Just destroy the ones you don’t use.

Whichever code you use, you need to use the same code when returning to an online form you’ve already started.

If you have received a letter that has a different address to yours, please put it in a post box so it can get to the right person.

I can't get online

If you want help to get online, you can attend one of the Census Online Support Centres where staff can help you face-to-face.

If you don't have a device, computer or coverage is bad in your area, you could use a public computer, for example in a library.

If you would prefer to complete the census on a paper form, you can contact us to request one.

If you have any concerns or questions, there are various ways you can contact us to get the help you need.

Start your paper census

If you have a paper form, just follow the instructions on your form.

If you’re helping someone with their paper form, see tips for filling in on paper.

Every form has an access code on it so you can do it online if you prefer.

If you have a letter, you can contact us to get a paper form.

I received two forms, which do I use?

You can use either form. It would be helpful if you could call our Contact Centre to let them know you’ve received more than one form at your address, so they can amend our records.

You can then recycle the spare form, but remember to remove the front page with your details on first. Or you can hand it to a member of our staff if you prefer.

The address on my form is wrong

Please write your correct address in the space provided on the form. Then answer the questions, and return the whole form to us in the prepaid envelope provided.