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Getting support : British Sign Language videos

We have created general information videos with British Sign Language (BSL). There is an English and Welsh language version with BSL, audio and subtitles.

To see the BSL videos in Welsh, select Cymraeg at the top of this page.

BSL videos about Census 2021 topic summaries

Read about the British Sign Language numbers in the Census 2021 language bulletin in English.

Read an explanation in English of what to expect from topic summary releases for Census 2021.

BSL videos about Census 2021 first results

Read the summary of the Census 2021 first results in English.

English transcript of "The making of Census 2021, from collection to results" video.

Downloadable resources

Materials and resources are available to help you understand and raise awareness of Census 2021 results.

Download resources to support the census results.

Important information:

More information about our release plans and Census 2021 products are on the census page of the ONS website.