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Create a custom dataset animated video transcript

Introducing the Census 2021 custom dataset tool.

Create millions of combinations of Census 2021 results to suit your needs.

Including data on population, religion, country of birth, housing, employment, education and more.

Create a custom dataset that collects the data that matters to you in one place.

Select "Create a custom dataset" to start from scratch or "Get census data" to begin with an existing dataset.

You can customise the area type and coverage.

Then, add variables you're interested in and select how many categories you want.

The data in "Create a custom dataset" are secure, so you cannot personally identify anyone.

This means the datasets may not contain as much detail as you might need...

…so we'll suggest ways to improve your results.

Download your data as a spreadsheet or get a link to save for later and share with others.

Get data. No fuss.

Explore even more census data at: (opens in a new tab)