Community partners

Thanks to your support, we had a great response to Census 2021. Working with community partners was vital to helping everyone take part.

At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we’ve turned millions of census forms into statistics that we can all use.

Census 2021 results are for everyone and when they’re published, we want everyone to know about them and be able to use them.

We will publish the first results from Census 2021 on Tuesday 28 June 2022.

We then plan to publish all other main Census 2021 data within two years of the census.

You can find out more about our plans for publishing the first Census 2021 results on the ONS website.

Working together to promote the Census 2021 results

As we did while the census was taking place, we want to work with community partners to raise awareness of the Census 2021 results and help people to use them.

Materials and resources are available to help you understand and raise awareness of Census 2021 results.

Download resources to support the census results.

Staying connected

If you want to get in touch about the census results or about community engagement activities, please email the Outreach and Engagement team.

To be the first to know about publications and upcoming census releases from the ONS, register for our email updates.