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The Salvation Army

Reaching out to help those left behind

The Salvation Army (opens in a new tab)  is a worldwide Christian church and charity. Census information helps the charity support people in need throughout England and Wales, and reach out to those society has left behind.

The charity supports people regardless of their ethnic background, religion, gender or sexual orientation. There are 750 churches in the UK offering help to homeless people, drug or alcohol addicts and the unemployed, as well as victims of modern slavery.

The Salvation Army uses census information to decide how and where it offers its services. The charity creates demographic profiles. The churches use these, along with local knowledge, to help understand the needs of people in their communities and give the best support they can.

These profiles also help the Salvation Army decide on new areas where they may be able to offer support across England and Wales. Plus, they can provide important evidence in bids for funding.

Major Pam Knuckey, Assistant Director (Research), Research and Development for The Salvation Army said: “We find the data we receive from the census helps us ensure that we are reaching the people who really need our help and where best to place our resources. We would urge everyone to fill out Census 2021 as accurately as possible to give us an accurate picture of what your community needs and help us continue our fight for greater social justice."