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Phase three of Census 2021 results - New datasets

In phase three, we will publish datasets on four data types.

Alternative population bases

These are different places where individuals could’ve been counted, such as workplace or location out of term-time.

Or, they might be different populations, such as short-term residents born outside the UK.

Small populations

These are small groups of the population with the same cultural background, such as an ethnic group, national identity or religion.

We publish information across a range of different variables for this specific group.

Origin-destination or “flow” data

These show the movement of people from one place to another, for example, moving from overseas, or to and from a second address.


These are small samples of census records, with all identifying information removed, for approved researchers.

Important information:

You can find more information about our release plans and Census 2021 products on the census page of the ONS website.