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Facts and figures for your area

As part of our topic summary releases, we shared facts and figures across a range of topics for each area in England and Wales.

We did this on the Nomis website, which is an Office for National Statistics (ONS) service. This is where we publish statistics related to population, society and the labour market at national, regional and local levels. These included data from Census 2021 and previous censuses.

We produced profiles for geographical areas which allow you to easily compare statistics for local areas with other areas or the whole of England and Wales.

How can you find facts and figures for your area?

Simply search your chosen postcode or area name, and you will find data for that area from some of the topic summaries we've already released. For example, you can find data on population estimates, country of birth and work status.

We chose topics that do not have lots of categories. We did this so that they will not affect the way that the facts and figures are displayed. We also chose the topics based on user data needs that came from the Census 2021 outputs consultation. You can find out more about the Census 2021 outputs consultation response (opens in a new tab)  on the ONS consultations website.

Important information:
Important information:

You can find out more about the release of topic summary data for Census 2021 (opens in a new tab)  on the ONS website.