Phase one of Census 2021 results - First results : Overview

Census 2021 first results

Phase one began when we published the first results on Tuesday 28 June 2022. These are estimates of the number of people and households in England and Wales. They show the number of people by sex and age at local authority level, rounded to the nearest 100.

The population numbers for England and Wales on 21 March 2021

On Census Day, the size of the usual resident population in England and Wales was 59,597,300.

The population of England was 56,489,800

The population of Wales was 3,107,500.

This was the largest the population has ever been.

Important information:

Find out more about what the population numbers mean in this interactive article, How the population changed where you live on the Office for National Statistics (ONS) website.

Important information:

You can find more information about the Census 2021 first results on the ONS website.