Thank you for taking part in Census 2021

We aim to publish the first census results for England and Wales in early summer 2022

If you live in Scotland, you can complete Scotland’s Census 2022 at

From collecting to publishing census information

Find out what happens between collecting and publishing Census 2021 information.

Your data and security

What we do with your personal information and how we keep it safe.

Census 2021 outputs consultation

We’ve published parts one and two of our response to your feedback on the design of Census 2021 outputs.

Census information can help to make a difference

All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, will be able to use Census 2021 information to help provide the services we all need.

Find out in our census stories how information from the last census helped to inform decisions that affect us all

Help with the census

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For further information about the census, contact us.